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Empowering Women & Girls Around the World Through Stories of Heart-Aligned Leadership

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The Global Girls Project™

At the Global Girls Project™, we believe that every female, regardless of age, culture, religious or socio-economic status, should be entitled to the basic human right to live her voice out loud and become a leader in her own life.

Looking through the lens of sixteen foundational principles of heart-aligned living and leadership, this collaborative writing project invites you to share stories and advice from your own journey toward empowerment and leadership.

Through this project, we hope this global collection of stories will not only inspire and uplift, but encourage and empower others to find their own voice, too, passing on the legacy of leadership from one generation of women to the next.

What is Heart-Aligned Leadership?

Heart-aligned living and leadership is about living and leading from our heart place…our heart space. It is about transparency, authenticity, integrity, and honor. It is about connecting with others, just as we seek to reconnect with ourselves, recognizing that we each have the unique and amazing gift of ourselves to share with the world. It is not defined or measured by external definitions of success such as title, fame, power or earnings, but by alignment with core principles of character that unite us all.

Sharing Our Story…

At the Global Girls Project™, we believe in the power of collaboration. We believe in the idea that each of us has something valuable to contribute to the advancement of women and girls’ around the world, and that together, we can achieve more than any one of us can do alone. We are eager to share the good works of others and consider it a privilege when we are invited to do the same.

We are equally grateful for the honor of being recognized for our work in support of global women and girls’ empowerment and humbly acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the contributions of those who have lent their own voice, wisdom, and insight to the effort and who have graciously shared this initiative with others.

Below are links to those who have lent direct support to our own efforts by inviting us to share a piece of our story with them. To read the stories, just click on the images below. We are grateful to each of you.

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Now on Sale!

Now on Sale!

An inspiring collection of heartfelt wisdom for every woman and girl aspiring to find her own voice and realize her fullest potential.

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  • The Global Girls Project is not about whether you can have it all, but whether you can become your all. Success, in this context, is not defined by external labels of achievement, but by internal alignment of values and the fullest expression of who you are. Sharon Reed
    Founder, The Global Girls Project

  • One thing that really drew my attention to this project is the fact that it will have an effect with women from all walks of life…A woman in a rural village in Cameroon can relate to it. Abong Fankam

Most recent articles

My Two Cents: United We Stand; Divided We Fall

Posted on in Advocacy | 0 comments

In recent times, it seems that the women’s conversation has become more fragmented and divided than ever before. Left pitted against right, conservative vs. liberal, stay-at-home-mom and traditionalist vs. progressive careerist, etc. There are those leaning in and others opting out. There are those fighting for change and others whose sense of identity is found in the security of the status quo. Increasingly, people on all sides are both quick to label and quick to judge, often without full  facts, understanding and/or merit. After all, we each view the world through the lens of our own values and experience, and until we stand in another’s shoes, it’s often difficult to shift...

Showing Your Scars: How Vulnerability Changed My Business and My Life

Posted on in Authenticity | 0 comments

Guest Post by Laura Roser Authenticity” seems to be a buzzword these days. “Just be yourself,” the advice goes. You’ll see the theme in bookstores, gift shops, online and spouted from the lips of countless gurus. Just yesterday, I was browsing at a clothing store and came upon a T-shirt with the phrase “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken,” printed in black letters across the front. And a little part of me wanted to vomit. Why? Because, like so many things, authenticity is being cheapened by the mere popularity of it. The truth is, being authentic doesn’t come from wearing a T-shirt with an obvious phrase printed across the...

Finding Purpose Through Service, Stewardship, and the Courage to Speak Up

Posted on in Empowerment, Purpose, Service/Stewardship | 0 comments

Guest Post by Belinda Rose Young, MSPH, CPH “What took you years to learn, could take someone else minutes.” This is a quote that encompasses the principles of service and stewardship, which go hand-in-hand. Service includes the actions that you render onto others. While stewardship includes an element of responsibility – it focuses on the duty each person has to ensure that they use and manage their abilities and knowledge well. My parents have been great examples of service and stewardship in their professional and personal lives. Growing up, I was taught to find great joy in giving to others. Being from various Caribbean islands, my parents understood the...

My Dream to Fly Free Like a Bird

Posted on in Confidence, Purpose, Resiliency | 0 comments

Guest Post by Silvija Mitevska I began flying with paragliders at the age of fifteen. It all happened so quickly; on a family vacation in August I was introduced to the paragliding instructor, in September I joined the local paragliding club for a try-out session and two weeks later I had my first flight. I flew only twenty meters above the ground, but it felt like I was high in the sky. I looked from above at the yellowish grass swaying gently, moved  by the wind coming from the east. I carefully circled around two tall trees next to a dried riverbed and landed softly on my feet. My whole...

My Two Cents: Celebrating the Season!

Posted on in Everything Else in the Kitchen Sink | 0 comments

This year has been one to remember, filled with opportunities to expand our message, both locally and around the world. During the first quarter, I took a break from the project and dove head-first into global advocacy and communications work with the EmpowerWomen team in preparation for the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women at UN headquarters in New York. It was an exciting time that led to new connections and collaborations in support of women’s empowerment around the world, while providing an opportunity to elevate the conversation on why character counts when it comes to empowerment, leadership, and the advancement of women and girls. Old friendships...

The Male Perspective: My Own Empowerment Came Through Strong Women

Posted on in Empowerment, Leadership, The Male Perspective | 0 comments

Guest post on the strength of empowered women to empower men, by international development specialist, humanitarian and human rights activist, Gesù Antonio Báez There’s a question that really bothers me that is unceasingly asked to ambitious women; how will you do it all? The “all” implying she will be both mother, wife and career driven superstar which somehow seems not reasonable….to do it “all”. I don’t get it. I’ve rarely seen such a question presented to leading male professionals and I’m sure there are a plethora of them who juggle their careers in addition to their role as husbands and father. Yet society never asks this of men and by...

Building a Lasting Legacy

Posted on in Empowerment, Leadership, Leadership, Legacies of Leadership, Legacy, Purpose | 0 comments

Interview with Laura Roser, Founder and CEO of Paragon Road, on Building a Lasting Legacy for Generations to Come  [Editor’s Note: This past year I had the pleasure of being introduced to Laura Roser by a mutual friend and colleague, Bill Littlejohn, CEO of Sharp Hospital Foundation, both of whose work reflects the core values of the Global Girls Project. While many of the stories in this legacy series focus on the intergenerational aspect of legacy, particularly between grandmothers, mothers and daughters, in this interview, Laura offers a fresh perspective on how each of us, regardless of our familial history, traits or relationships, can take personal responsibility for building our own legacy of leadership through...

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