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June-July 2012 786

Guest Post by Abong Nganui-Fankam

Growing up, one value that my parents instilled in me is to be of service and live a life of service. First of all, what does the word service means to me? When I think of the word service, the first thing that comes to my mind is to surrender myself for the good of others by using my unique talents to help those who need it and are waiting for it. When I meet with someone — whether in a glance, a word, smile or conversation, I reach out in love and compassion; I give them a piece of love, hope and happiness that will live forever be in their heart.

Having answered the call of service to others has led me to know that service is at the heart of human experience and human relationships. I have also learned that it is not about me, but being a vessel that God can use to channel his love to others. When I look at my life through this lens, then I am able to remain faithful and humble. As human beings, there are times that we may forget that we are just a vessel that God is using and try to take all the glory. When I do something great and someone praises me, I try not to let it feed my ego. I take it to mean that, that individual is grateful for my service because my service brought about the impact I want to see in the world. Being of service to others has given me a sense of purpose and peace. It has affirmed my belief that we are one body with many parts that has unique gifts and talent. As such, we need each other for survival. Without the service of each other, there is no hope.

My daughters, as you are growing up, I encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and you will see the world differently.  I encourage you to be of service to one another. You do not have to be a president of a corporation to be of service. You can be of service from your very own back yard. Life is all about being of service.  Have an encounter with someone who is suffering. Give them the push and passion to make their own mark in the world. Have core values that will guide you. Be a good listener and listen with an open mind. Remember it is not about you but you are a vessel that God is using to channel his love into the world.

Abong Ngranui-Fankam is a native of Cameroon, West Africa. She is the co-founder of A Place of Hope, a non-profit organization that supports AIDS orphans in Cameroon through education. Abong was the recipient of the 2012 Lowes/Pride global outreach award for the work that she does in Cameroon Africa. To learn more about Abong or A Place of Hope, visit Age 41. Cameroon/United States.
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  1. Abong,

    One of the things I love about your story is the humility you exemplify within your spirit of service. I also appreciate your perspective on viewing ourselves as vessels and leveraging our gifts to serve others in whatever capacity we are able.

    Thank you for sharing your story and becoming a part of the Global Girls Project!


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