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A Little Bit of Me…(Alli, Age 11)

A Little Bit of Me…(Alli, Age 11)

(Excerpt from an interview between Alli’s mom (Sharon) and Alli, October 23rd, 2013)


(Mom): Tell me a little about yourself.  

(Alli): I’m 11 years old and in the sixth grade. I love animals and I love to make different characters of animals when I draw.  I have a passion for drawing and I enjoy swimming, chorus and playing outside with my friends.

(Mom): What’s the best part about being 11?

(Alli): Still being young, but old enough to do some things by myself, like going to the movies with friends.

(Mom): What’s the hardest part about being 11?

(Alli): Bullies.

(Mom): Tell me more.

(Alli): Well, last year was hard.  When you’re bullied, you feel small…sort of like a bug being crushed by a shoe.

(Mom): Is it hard for you to stand up for yourself?

(Alli): Sometimes.

(Mom): Why?

(Alli): Sometimes I feel helpless to change the situation.

(Mom): If your friend was being bullied, what advice would you give her?

(Alli): I would encourage her to try and stand up for herself by confronting the bully.  If she can’t, I would tell her to try and ignore it and/or tell an adult.

(Mom): What makes you feel courageous?

(Alli): When I want to do or learn something new, seeing someone else do it first helps give me the confidence to try myself.

(Mom): What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

(Alli): Standing up to a bully.

(Mom): Shifting gears…

(Mom): What does the Global Girls Project mean to you?

(Alli): It means helping other girls stand up for themselves and for them to have their own thoughts about the world.

(Mom): Why is this important?

(Alli): Girls should have the right to follow their own dreams and to be true to themselves.

(Mom): If you had to choose just one piece of advice to pass on to other girls, what would it be?

(Alli): Follow your dreams.

(Mom): What’s your dream, Alli?

(Alli): To work with animals, but not as a surgeon vet…I’m too squeamish around injured animals!

Allison_Cat(Mom): If you could meet one female in the world, who would that be and why?

(Alli): Erin Hunter (author of the Seekers, Survivors and Warriors book series).  She’s my favorite author and absolutely loves animals like I do!

(Mom): Would it surprise you to learn that Erin Hunter is actually a pseudonymn for six different female children’s authors?  Turns out that all six of them love animals as much as you do and all write for the series!

(Alli): I knew there were six people, but I had no idea there was no actual person named Erin Hunter.  I thought five of them wrote with her.  Maybe I can meet all six of them some time!!!

(Mom): Thanks, Alli. I’ve really enjoyed out chat!  Last question…

(Mom): You recently created your own page on this site. What can readers look forward to at Alli’s Corner?

(Alli): ME!!! 🙂

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