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To the Person Behind My Success!

To the Person Behind My Success!

marsida-and-mother-pic-2Guest post on the legacy of leadership between mothers and daughters by Marsida Bandilli, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Have I ever thought that one day I would be able to share my story with the rest of the world? I would never think so, not even for a second. But here I am ready to write a few words about myself and that particular person that made me the person I am today. I am a young lady and I was born and raised in Tirana, the capital of Albania in the beginning of the 1990s. The country has undergone fundamental transformational processes that have changed the reality quite a lot, since then. Even after two decades there are still many challenges to face, which in my case turned out to be opportunities for my personal nourishment and development. Growing up in this beautiful country has taught me a lot about many of the highest virtues in life as it has broadened my horizon for looking at the world differently. In my transformational process to the person I have become today there has been someone who played a particular role because of pushing me across of many boundaries. That is my mother.

This article is about everything but trying to sound “pompous” about the special relationship I have developed with her since then. It is rather about the greater awareness that my mother has always been an anchor to my inner home. That she has been able to cultivate values that have continued to widen my horizon about life. When the reality has sometimes been tough, she depicted the most beautiful colors to paint an environment of happiness. When I was sad she explored numerous ways to enrich that little bliss in my spirit. When I thought I could not make it she lifted me up. When I was falling to pieces she taught me there is nothing that can tear you apart. She shared her perspective about life as she let me set my perspective about life. She accepted every choice that I made and further helped me to cultivate that greater happiness in my heart. As she guided me to learn about myself she also nourished my spirit with optimism and expectations about what I am capable to achieve in life.

I oftentimes call her my muse of inspiration because the most important lesson I got from her is to live a life worth living. She offered me shelter whenever I was scared of storms. Indeed she has always been my shelter and my inner home. I am thankful to her for cultivating my heart with morals and dignity to have respect for others as well as for myself. She shaped my attitudes in a way that she showed me the key to my own happiness is in my hands. She told me that whenever I wanted something better in life, I could work to achieve that. And I did so.

In fact her ideas have been the cornerstone of my life philosophy. Her strength became my strength which lead to a fundamental change to who I was and I what I wanted to become. I quickly discovered that I could become the woman I always wanted to be: independent, inspirational and a bit tough at the same time. As I embraced all the positivity my mother transmitted on me, I was able to finish higher education and then a Masters Degree as I am now in the process of completing my Doctor Degree in Political Science. But most importantly I embraced every opportunity that came across my way, with both hands. As I started to enjoy my small successes and accomplishment I also learnt that my path is fueling other young people and women across the globe to keep working for what they want to achieve in life.

This article is dedicated to my mother, but also to all mothers in the world who are raising their children with morality and dignity no matter the challenges they have to face every single day of their lives. It is because of your passion, love and determination that I and other young women were able to find their own way to happiness and enjoyment of personal success on every level. Thank you for breaking down the barriers between us and the world, for becoming the role models that inspire us to keep working for building a better world!

Marsida Bandilli is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. She also engaged with the debates at European Union’s institutions in Brussels. She holds a major in Political Science, with a Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tirana, Albania. She is the winner of the Active Citizens of Europe Award, 2014. As an active, committed member of many networks and organizations, she is not only a fiery ambassador of her country but also a promoter of young people’s empowerment in our societies. She also was recognized as the Personality of the Year for the European Democratic Citizenship Awards in 2015. Marsida is a frequent speaker at international events. She is a fond believer that with the right grit, motivation, and hard work, young people could bring a positive change at local, national and international levels.  “I have reached a certain level of confidence in life, which allows me to follow my passions and dreams. I love politics, books, traveling and meeting with new people and cultures. But most of all the idea that you can make a real impact for improving people’s lives, is what truly inspires me to do more, every day of my life.…”

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