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My Two Cents: United We Stand; Divided We Fall

My Two Cents: United We Stand; Divided We Fall

In recent times, it seems that the women’s conversation has become more fragmented and divided than ever before. Left pitted against right, conservative vs. liberal, stay-at-home-mom and traditionalist vs. progressive careerist, etc. There are those leaning in and others opting out. There are those fighting for change and others whose sense of identity is found in the security of the status quo.

Increasingly, people on all sides are both quick to label and quick to judge, often without full  facts, understanding and/or merit. After all, we each view the world through the lens of our own values and experience, and until we stand in another’s shoes, it’s often difficult to shift or consider another perspective.

To some, the word ‘feminist’ has become a word of liberation, symbolic of autonomy, equality and the freedom of choice, while to others, it conjures up something altogether different — a feeling often tinged with anger, hate and fear for what it might represent and how it might disrupt the status quo.

For some, the women’s movement represents a rallying cry FOR something, such as equal rights, opportunity and pay, while for others, it is symbolic of what they are fighting AGAINST, whether discrimination, violence against women, or some other form of oppression that targets women and girls.

Even this year’s #IWD theme, ‘A Day Without a Woman’, gives me pause. While I understand the point that is trying to be made, it is nevertheless a privileged position. Few working women, for example, have the luxury of going on strike at the potential expense of providing for their families, and when a woman goes on strike whose work is directly tied to the support of other women and girls, we all lose. Surely there is a better way.

Despite our differences; however you define yourself and wherever on the spectrum you fall, we are all one; we are united as women — woven together in a tapestry of sisterhood that transcends race, culture, religion, political ideology, and socioeconomic status. Despite our differences, we all share the full range of human experience, even as the drama of our individual lives plays out differently for each of us.

On this 2017 #InternationalWomensDay celebration, my earnest hope is twofold:

May we find a way to come together in community, solidarity, and support of and for each other — of our shared hopes and dreams at both an individual and collective level. May we also find the grace and courage to stand united as women, even as we respectfully honor difference between us.

In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay, I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new book, Walking the Heart Path: Bite-Sized Bits of Wisdom on Living and Leading from the Inside Out.

The perfect gift for those dreaming big dreams, stepping up into leadership, overcoming obstacles, and/or navigating change in their life, this beautiful, hope-filled book is sure to inspire.

As a way of of both giving back to my own community and paying it forward for others, $1 of every book sold will be donated to the Foundation for Girls, a Charlotte, NC-based non-for-profit focused on nurturing the leader in every girl. Working with underprivileged girls and women in the Charlotte area, the Foundation for Girls programs focus on Nurturing, Education, and Empowerment, with a goal of impacting 2500 survivor girls in the Charlotte area by 2020.

[Available via (US & Canada)]

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