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Inspired Passion (A Special Mother’s Day Post)

Inspired Passion (A Special Mother’s Day Post)

Guest post by Jeanette Coon [Editor’s Note: Originally conceived as a mother-daughter project, I’m honored to share my own mother’s story and contribution to the Global Girls Project on this very special Mother’s Day. While her story highlights her passion for learning, it is also a story of courage and resilience, and of using her own cancer walk to advocate, inspire and support others who have walked this journey, too. She is a true force of nature and my own personal hero and role model for what it means to truly thrive in the face of adversity, while staying forever open and curious along the way!] To have a passion for learning is to have a basic interest in the world around us – people, places and things… It’s like a good dessert – You can’t get enough of it! Personally, I have always strived to be the best that I can be in whatever I’m doing. If I find something that I’m especially interested in, and I can’t rest until I...

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