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Empowering Women & Girls Around the World Through Stories of Heart-Aligned Leadership

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The Global Girls Project™

At the Global Girls Project™, we believe that every female, regardless of age, culture, religious or socio-economic status, should be entitled to the basic human right to live her voice out loud and become a leader in her own life.

Looking through the lens of sixteen foundational principles of heart-aligned living and leadership, this collaborative writing project invites you to share stories and advice from your own journey toward empowerment and leadership.

Through this project, we hope this global collection of stories will not only inspire and uplift, but encourage and empower others to find their own voice, too, passing on the legacy of leadership from one generation of women to the next.

What is Heart-Aligned Leadership?

Heart-aligned living and leadership is about living and leading from our heart place…our heart space. It is about transparency, authenticity, integrity, and honor. It is about connecting with others, just as we seek to reconnect with ourselves, recognizing that we each have the unique and amazing gift of ourselves to share with the world. It is not defined or measured by external definitions of success such as title, fame, power or earnings, but by alignment with core principles of character that unite us all.

Sharing Our Story…

At the Global Girls Project™, we believe in the power of collaboration. We believe in the idea that each of us has something valuable to contribute to the advancement of women and girls’ around the world, and that together, we can achieve more than any one of us can do alone. We are eager to share the good works of others and consider it a privilege when we are invited to do the same.

We are equally grateful for the honor of being recognized for our work in support of global women and girls’ empowerment and humbly acknowledge that none of this would be possible without the contributions of those who have lent their own voice, wisdom, and insight to the effort and who have graciously shared this initiative with others.

Below are links to those who have lent direct support to our own efforts by inviting us to share a piece of our story with them. To read the stories, just click on the images below. We are grateful to each of you.

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Now on Sale!

Now on Sale!

An inspiring collection of heartfelt wisdom for every woman and girl aspiring to find her own voice and realize her fullest potential.

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  • The Global Girls Project is not about whether you can have it all, but whether you can become your all. Success, in this context, is not defined by external labels of achievement, but by internal alignment of values and the fullest expression of who you are. Sharon Reed
    Founder, The Global Girls Project

  • One thing that really drew my attention to this project is the fact that it will have an effect with women from all walks of life…A woman in a rural village in Cameroon can relate to it. Abong Fankam

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Empowering Girls and Fulfilling Their Human Rights is not a Choice, It’s our Responsibility

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Guest post on International Day of the Girl Child by Shreya Mantha, Founder, Foundation for Girls; Founder and President, GirlUp Club, Providence Day School, Charlotte, NC The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges that girls face, to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. We are fortunate to be born and brought up in America where, to a large extent, there is a parity between boys and girls. However, there are parts of the world where girls go through a very tough time from birth to death just because they are a girl. I want to do everything...

To the Person Behind My Success!

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Guest post on the legacy of leadership between mothers and daughters by Marsida Bandilli, University of Antwerp, Belgium Have I ever thought that one day I would be able to share my story with the rest of the world? I would never think so, not even for a second. But here I am ready to write a few words about myself and that particular person that made me the person I am today. I am a young lady and I was born and raised in Tirana, the capital of Albania in the beginning of the 1990s. The country has undergone fundamental transformational processes that have changed the reality quite...

My Two Cents: Mothers, Daughters, Mentors and More

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Coming Full Circle When I first conceived the Global Girls Project three years ago, it was originally a mother-daughter project, inspired by my own daughter and focused on the legacy of leadership that is often passed on from one generation to the next. Over time, as I framed out the project and considered how we define ‘mother’ from a multicultural perspective, I opted to take a more inclusive approach, recognizing that the concept of ‘mother’ comes in many forms, not all of which fall within the traditional familial sense of the word. While there are indeed many mentors and role models that shape and influence our character and the...

Ecos of my Compass

Posted on in Leadership, Purpose | 0 comments

Guest post on leadership from Karla Wheelock, the first Ibero-American to summit the 7 highest peaks of each continent My name is Karla Wheelock and I’m a Mexican mountain climber. When I think about what it means to lead from the heart and be authentic in my leadership, I think of the heart as the compass that guides us to where we need to go. When it beats is as if it were signaling our true North—the direction we should follow. The truth is that in the beginning, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I liked to climb trees, I liked to stand on the roof of the...

Living the Lessons of Resiliency: Connecting to Hope

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Guest Post on Resiliency by Becky Sansbury Three babies I never saw touched my heart and changed the course of my life. Three times I was pregnant when the child inside of me died unexpectedly. I had no idea how to speak about these unspeakable times of life. Yet, within that void, a voice beyond my own whispered, “Weep now. The words will come later.” What did come immediately was a wave of caring. Women from the community brought food and shared tearful hugs, while enduring the awkward silence shared among us. I was overwhelmed by unwavering support from women willing to be present when none of us knew...

Influencing Change: Advancing Women’s Voices Through the Political Process

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Interview with Susan Markham, Senior Coordinator for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) [Editor’s Note: I first met Susan during in her previous role as Director of Women’s Political Participation at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a time when the Global Girls Project was just a seedling of an idea. Still in the conceptual stages of the project, Susan helped refine my understanding of some of the challenges women face globally and the importance of women exercising their voice through the political process. I’m deeply indebted to her  for her wisdom and generosity in sharing her knowledge and experience with others.] (Sharon): In...

On Callings and Compassion

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Guest Post on Compassion by Allison Shorter When I was about 14 years old, I read a news magazine article that would forever change my life. I didn’t know at the time it would mark my destiny but now, 26 years later, I can absolutely say that learning about the one child policy in China marked me, and I found my lifetime calling as a result. As I read this article, I was saddened to learn that baby girls were left in front of police stations, orphanages, in the woods, and in the dump just because they were girls and not boys. Boys are the preferred sex in China...

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